Collection of engravings

Etching collection from the Pierre Argillet’s publishing house (France)

One of the collection pearls of our gallery is a series of graphic works of such famous masters of the XX century as Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico, Hans Bellmer and Leonor Fini. Acquisition their works became possible due to cooperation between Art Holding and a Parisian gallery Furstenberg founded by the known publisher Pierre Argillet and which today is directed by his son and the successor Jean Christophe Argillet.

Pierre ArgilA frienlet was a passionate admirer and a collector of futurists’, dadaists’ and surrealists’ works. He was a friend and an age-mate of the leaders of these styles, and had one of the most considerable collections of works by Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara, André Breton, Salvador Dalí.

In 1959 Pierre Argillet and his wife Genevieve met Salvador Dalí to order illustrations for their first joint publication. The similarity of views and deep mutual sympathy of the artist and his publisher ended up in a long effective cooperation. During 25 years of collaboration there were created about 200 etchings and majority of them was included into a golden fund of graphic art of the XX century. A very important feature of cooperation was that Argillet achieved Dali's maximum participation in creation of these works. The artist finished each print with water color and metal powder making them individual. Dali's put his signature on each of them in the presence of the publisher. It made the Dali's engravings of Argillet’s collection a unique phenomenon in the modern market of graphics.

In the Russian museum collections Salvador Dalí's works aren't numerous: only the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has 60 etchings presented to the museum by Pierre Argillet.