I Love This City…

Place: Art Tatiana Nikitina Holding

Date: November 10 - December 25

Year: 2007

Exhibition of works by outstanding artist-experimenter Andery Chezhin «I love this city ...»

Photos of Andery Chezhin skillful and fascinating, attractive. The space in which the materiality becomes velvety and real objects contrary appear and disappear, you start to soar in the unimaginable dance. At the same time everything is absolutely logical, recognizable and understandable. Allright! In this catalog includes various kinds of work — and those that exhibited earlier and brand new. Some of them are made in the technique ofblack and white photography, while others — in the screen printing technique. All these works are certainly interesting, though not alwaysunambiguous. But one can be sure — they are part of the cultural heritage of our country, our national pride.

Exhibition Catalogue