Art-Manege 2010

Place: «Manege», Moscow

Date: December 1 - 5

Year: 2010

On December 1 - 5 Tatiana Nikitina's Art Holding gallery participated in the «Art-Manege 2010» exhibition which took place in the Central exhibition hall «Manege» in Moscow where we presented the project «Stories in Paintings for Private Look».

The booth presented new works by the Brazilian artist Juarez Machado and a famous Russian fashion designer Tatyana Parfenova – the winner of many significant Russian awards in the fashion sphere.

What united works of these two brightest artists of the present time? It can be the fact that life they represent in their creative works is filled with expression and vital energy. But maybe the reason of it is ability to feel the moment, to catch tendencies a bit earlier than others and to show them making the future closer. Paintings of these artists can't be comprehended on the spot, everything in it matters. These works are for private look and for the attentive and thoughtful viewer.