Art-Manege 2011

Place: «Manege», Moscow

Date: December 1 - 4

Year: 2011

From November 30 to December 4, 2011 Tatiana Nikitina’s Art Holding presented two projects at the «Art-Manege 2011» art fair in Moscow.

Genetic Stability project

At the booth were shown works of the known Israeli artist Uri Dushi who experiments with new styles and methods of works creation, and the Dutch abstract painter Wilfred Lang pieces transferring a magic feeling of rest and tranquility mixed with dynamism of the line and color.

What unites these different artists? We suppose, the perception of surrounding reality through transformation of historical basis on which the modern world stays. These are historical roots feeding contemporary art where the genetic basis of an artist is accurately traced.

Both Lang and Dushi write the History which is projecting on the today’s reality where events are only shadows reflected by the wisdom of ages light. Therefore rapidity of time and a mad rhythm of today aren’t felt in their works. They remember that all of us «stand on shoulders of our ancestors», and this memory gives them genetic stability.

The «Art into Life» project, «Dedication to Mondrian» art interior, was a new interpretation of vanguard classics and at the same time a reflection of recent trends of interaction of art and design.

The harmony of strict lines and local colors had inspired designers and artists to make creative experiments devoted to the Dutch artist Pete Mondrian, one of the fathers of abstractionism during the whole XX Century. Yves Saint Laurent transfers Mondrian’s rectangular ornament to the dresses, and a Brazilian painter Juarez Machado fills the Mondrian’s grid with passion of jazz dance. We present one more side of this artist’s creative energy embodiment. High-quality print on furniture fabric let a picture move to the three-dimensional space. Furniture finds a new level of contents becoming art objects, art in space of real life.