The Meeting of Angels

Place: Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina

Date: September 27

Year: 2012

On September 27, 2012 in «Art-Holding Tatiana Nikitina», an exhibition-festival «Angelic meeting», dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the gallery.

«My Angel» — we say a person dear to us, investing in these words soft, light, kindness and peace. It is these feelings associated with the word «angel».

Angel — «messenger», he is a being of the world above, devoid of human passions and temptations, but in our view the angel has long gone beyond just the herald of the divine will. He - the keeper, counselor, guide, walking next to a man whose way of life and helps you select the right solution that saves from scrapes, rejoicing and grieving. Angel long humanized, emotional and he did not care what's going on in my heart and life. He is always there and it gives a sense of security and confidence that there will always be output, and all will be well.

Want to see an angel - a look into the eyes of a child - he was there. It's not hard to hear: you only have to listen carefully without fuss to yourself, ask yourself the question, without regard to the convenience of the answer, and the answer will follow immediately. You may say that is the conscience. Call it what you want, but he (she) gives answers and not always pleasant or comfortable. You can not hear them or to leave for later, but even then the angel did not leave, do not back down, because resentment or revenge it is not known.

Art - is another way of «messenger» to convey his message. After all, art speaks directly to the heart. It pleases us, fills the thoughts, emotions, does better.

It has been 5 years since «Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina» shares these tidings, and today I want to say thankyou: