Round the World Summer

Place: Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina

Date: October 17 - November 7

Year: 2013

painting, drawing, sculpture

On the October 17, 2013 Tatiana Nikitina's Art Holding gallery opened of the sixth exhibition season. At the «Round the world Summer» exhibition paintings, graphic and sculptural works of modern artists from all over the world were presented.

Who of us doesn't like to travel? People appeared voluntarily on other part of the world feels like they start living from scratch: they look round a new view, investigate and listen to it, perceiving life with opened hearts and taking hundreds of pictures to imprint each step. Agatha Christie wrote that the travel life has the essence of a dream and it is difficult to disagree with it.

Tatiana Nikitina's Art Holding opens a new exhibition season with artworks of artists from the countries of eternal summer which we dream about today when days become shorter and colder. Images of the whole world will unfold before us, and in each of them the prompt impression attracting the traveler on the world's end is grasped. Heat of exotic countries and captivating fruit and flower motives will allow you to stop happy moments and for a while return the flown by summer which has remained in the paintings forever.

We will show you the works from our collection which are united by the feeling of freedom, ease, fun and summer heat – that of our travel, meetings and memory of them.

Exhibition catalogue