Bella Vita. Retrospective

Place: Tavricheskaya street house 35, «Tower Ivanova»

Date: June 26 - August 21

Year: 2014

Bella Matveeva «Bella Vita. Retrospective»

Bella Matveeva - Professor Emeritus of Timur Novikov founded in the 1990-s, «New Academy of Fine Arts».
«New Academy» Failed to create exclusive art within a carnival atmosphere in the destruction of the empire surreal. Neoakademizma phenomenon was not easy: the seriousness of the artists have taken to themselves the ideals that seemed to be forgotten and discarded forever. Novikovsky cult of beauty was both an appeal to classical sources and rebellion against modernist art. Step towards classics reads like calling misoneism frantic pace on the background of accelerating history. But it is precisely this apparent «stop» in the stream of time, managed to create an artistic whirlwind of incomparable strength. «The New Academy» outlined an alternative way allowing lush, but clever and ambiguous visuality that, unlike many other earlier or parallel time trends in art, loud and sounded confident on the international art-scene.

Gold and velvety images works Bella Matveeva evoke a sense of walking on the bazaar, among the rich carpets, silks and spices. Large-scale canvases reminiscent of carnival miriskusnikov, Renaissance Madonnas and spicy Austrian Art Nouveau.

Organized on the gallery Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina exhibition presents works created in Saint-Petersburg over the past 25 years of creative activity. The earliest of these are dated 1980-s.

Exhibition catalogue