Porcelain witness

Place: Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina

Date: March 27 - April 24

Year: 2014

Author porcelain, sculpture, painting, drawing Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Tarasiuk (Saint-Petersburg)

«Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina» is a project uniting porcelain designer, graphics, painting and sculpture of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Tarasiuk.

Today Ivan Tarasiuk - world-renowned artist, has participated in many dozens of exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His recognizable creativity included the traditions of Russian and European avant-garde (Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Natalia Goncharova), folk toys and - irony of modernity. Friendly characters of his works - the working people, musicians, clowns, dancers and acrobats - now moved to the snow-white porcelain surface ancient Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Seemingly porcelain art in nature as far away from modern art - it seems traditionally conservative, strict, sustained. But no - in any era porcelain responded to the call of the time, its development - part of the history of art. It seems the magic that made in the 1960s, in the 1980s, plates and dishes left forgotten in the bins technical department of the plant (this was the origin of the wonders of porcelain workshop Tarasyuk), there were modern image: funny characters drawings and canvases. Some of them moved to the surface at a temperature of 900 degrees using the technique of the decal, and some emerged straight from the artist's brush. Inscribed in traditional design, they combined generation, tied past and present.

Porcelain Tarasiuk not only expands the boundaries of his work, feel loyalty to the lines and colors, but also exposes the inverse images transferred to the new material compositions tested for decoration. And they pass this test, while remaining the same calibrated, skillfully constructed and invariably ironic without revealing glance hidden meanings.

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