The Wheel of Time

Place: Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina

Date: January 30 - February 20

Year: 2014

Painting, drawing, sculpture Vasily Kafanov (США) and exhibits of the Saint-Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory

All we need to do to enable us to master magic - is to banish from our minds doubt. Once cast doubt - it is possible to anything.
(Carlos Castaneda, «The Wheel of Time»)

«Art Holding» has conceived an ambitious project - to put contemporary art and graphics Vasily Kafanov along with fossils, whose age exceeds millions, tens of millions of years. Arts and paleontology were unexpectedly close not only figuratively - in common was the mood of mystery that they cause. Following through the prosecution of this mystery, we do not strictly separate the two exposure by providing art and science interact freely sharing meanings with each other.

Art allows you to go beyond the boundaries of the usual experience. And science helps find evidence and realize something beyond the routine. Are people easily and even carelessly lifts the veil of secrecy, they just put us in front of the very existence of things unseen. And discovers that the world of magic fantasies can come true on paper, but the thickness of the earth hide evidence of life unimaginably distant neighbors on the planet Earth. And this wondrous worlds can be approached to touch, learn...

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