Gelya Pisareva. Under the Open Sky

Place: Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina

Date: September 24 - December 24

Year: 2015

Gelya Pisareva. Under the Open Sky

«Sometimes the artist manages to get up on his toes for a second to see what's behind the wall of the visible reality».
Tatyana Tolstaya

Galina Demyanovna Pisareva was born in 1933 in Leningrad, graduated from the Tavricheskaya Art School and the Academy of Arts. For many years she engaged only monumental sculpture, giving her husband Vladimir Shahin all the work with painting. Being contemporary and intimate witness to the best period of the famous «Arefyev Circle», she tried to stay away, doing their own research in the field of folk wooden sculptures, flatness and volume ratios, the formal question of technique.

However, her true love was painting. Under her hands wooden «idols» and the sketches and preparatory drawings aspired to a life of independent pictures. Professional specialization in sculpture saved the artist from traditional academic rigor brushwork, her paintings always remained freestyle, regardless of the requirements of the school. She was always more attracted to the aesthetics of folk art and icons than realism. As in the ancient Russian icon, which is, according to Paul Florensky «a reminder of the things above prototype» at the heart of the painting is a symbol.

Now on her countless canvases, as if written and sung or woven from a breathing of live − so unconstrained strokes, so natural colors − there are landscapes, full of perfection of being flawless beauty of life, harmony and peace.

Vladimir Solovyov likened landscape painting and lyrical poetry − because these art forms «reproduced in concentrated form the ideal side of the complex phenomena of external nature, purifying them from all material contingencies». The same «purification» from all accidental phenomena of the visible world exists in the artworks of Pisareva.