Heavenly Country

Place: Gallery of the modern art "Tatiana Nikitina’s Art Holding"

Date: December 25

Year: 2018

On December 25, the Christmas exhibition from the series Angelic Meetings– Heavenly Countrywill open in Tatiana Nikitina’s Art Holding Gallery. The exhibition will feature the Bird World project by American artist Vasily Kafanov, as well as paintings, engravings, sculptures and porcelain works from the gallery's collection.

Everyone knows that angels live in heaven. Birds live there too. We do not see them, but we feel them. Maybe it was birds who told us about the angels? Immersed in the fairy tale of Vasily Kafanov, everyone can find the answer for themselves. Wander through the heavenly labyrinth and touch the spring of truth, where the birds are saturated with life-giving moisture. Stop, listen to the magic trills, let the soul be filled with happiness! And then you will hear what the angels are talking about ...

 “Birds are stupid and beautiful creatures, colorful and loud! They fly around the world, it would seem, without any order and road rules. Sometimes in my dreams I see that I fly like a bird and feel so comfortable in a flock of swallows that fly through the clouds in the sky, or suddenly find myself in a triangle of geese flying away from winter to warm countries.

I write harlequins, climbing high on balloons, acrobats, throwing each other high in the sky. They all seek to overcome gravity, and when it comes time to return to the ground, they reveal their parachutes. We need gravity, of course! Otherwise, we would all fly in disarray and everywhere ... I create big fish swimming in the sky and denying the theory of land attraction.

My fish carries a tower on its back, maybe it is Babylonian? Is it the tower of those times when people tried to reach God and ascend to the sky as high as possible.

Birds awaken us with their polyphony in the mornings, saying: "Get up, work, build a tower to reach heaven." Birds show us how to overcome gravity: they flutter and chirp, calling for action ... ” Vasily Kafanov