Participation in the exhibition "Red Dot Miami | Spectrum Miami 2018"

Place: Mana Wynwood, 2217 NW 5th Ave (at NW 22nd Street), Miami, USA

Date: December 4-9

Year: 2018

At the annual international art exhibition Red Dot Miami, which was held in December 2018, the Art Holding "Tatyana Nikitina Art Gallery" with the A & E Fine Art Gallery presented works by contemporary artists Pavel Shevchenko, Vasily Kafanov, Vladimir Babunts, Alexander Pesterev, Mstislav Pavlov, Nikolai Reznichenko and Peter Zverkhovsky.

The main trend, traced in the works of modern art, is an active appeal to such material as Metal. Metals from ancient times are widely used in art. Modern artists have combined the experience of previous generations and brought Metal to a whole new level of emotional impact on the viewer. Artists create works using various techniques: forging, casting, stamping, carving, embossing, electroforming, soldering, welding or riveting parts. The surfaces are finished with gilding, polishing, caulking, patinating or silvering. Patterns are made by etching, engraving, notching, inlay, aiming, enamel, and the like. All this diversity creates a feeling of endless aesthetic celebration.