Alexander Baturin


The member of the Union of Artists (1973), Alexander Borisovich Baturin is a painter and black-and-white graphic artist.
In 1931–1934 he was taking lessons of painting and the drawing from V.V. Sterligov. In 1934 he was arrested with other learners, and spent 1938–1946 in Stalin’s forced labor camps.
In 1956 he was rehabilitated, returned to Leningrad and resumed joint creative work with Sterligov.
Since 1998 – he is the honorary member of the St. Petersburg Union of artists.
In 1994 he became the first winner of N.N. Punin award.
In 2002 he was awarded with the Order of Friendship.

Artworks are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, in the State Russian Museum, in the State Museum of the St. Petersburg History, in the Arkhangelsk State museum of Fine Arts, in private collections of Russia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and USA.

Personal exhibitions:

The life of Alexander Baturin is proved commitment to artist's way. His artworks were under the great influence of his mentor V.V. Sterligov, known learner of Malevich and creator of the art line named "Sterligov School". Based on acquired tradition Baturin managed to create his own image of the world, majestic nature, enduring beauty and harmony expressed by the means of soft imaginative forms and delicacy of balanced tones.