Aron Zinshtein

Aron Zinshtein was born in 1947 in Nizhny Tagil (Russia). In 1977 he graduated from St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy.

In 1988 he became a member of the USSR Union of Artists. A member of the Contemporary Art Academy Participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Works in media: painting, engraving, drypoint, lithography, sculpture, installation.


Selected group exhibitions:

Selected personal exhibitions:

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Every year, Aron Zinstein arranges several personal exhibitions, attends all interesting opening days in the city and his workshop is always open for all fans of art. The painter and the graphic artist, he is permanently full of the new ideas. However the main line of his art is constant: Zinstein is inspired by spontaneity of the children's drawing (and in its workshop the whole collection of works of kids), beauty of daily occurrence, picturesque harmony, light and color on the plane. His search in the world of art is on a joint of expressionism and naivety, he never belonged neither to "right", nor to the "left" currents, was not at war with establishment, remaining the independent and autonomous master with his own point of view in art. Zinstein's works are warm and ironic, imbued with live feeling of admiration facing the simple phenomena of the commonnes, and every fleeting sketch caught by the artist sings of life as a miracle.