Arsen Avetissian

Arsen Avetissian (1971 – 2004) was born in Yerevan. The sculptor, member of Russian Union of Artists. He graduated from Yerevan Art and Theater Institute. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Lived and worked in St. Petersburg.

Since 1993, the party has more than 30 exhibitions. His works are in museums and private collections around the world.

Arsen Avetissian Theatre

The sculpture of the artist is now in the history of art. Page one piece, complete and carefully edited by himself, during his lifetime. He was a happy man and this man, bearing full responsibility for everything that does. This is indicated by his work – definition of silhouettes, balanced lines, the harmony of forms. Arsen Avetissian sculpture filled with such a light, delicate craftsmanship, with a sparkling vital force that firmly behind them overshadow the long-term work, the development of handicraft skills, meditation, searches, victories and failures.

Arsen Avetissian for thirty three years of life, released him on earth, created his own world – a sparkling joy, philosophizing, crying, moaning from the overflowing of his love. Is it a sculpture, jewelry, or rare, or precious toys, which can not play because they play with each other and with us?

Pantheon of his characters is built in a number of bright, very reminiscent of the commedia dell'arte characters. Although this is only a distant resemblance, but rather by analogy than on the merits. Beauty and the clowns, born fantasy artist, skillfully perform their role in fine performances. Their faces hidden behind masks, but it poses and gestures very expressive and precise. Arsen Avetissian spoke the language of the bodies of their heroes. Perhaps this is the most important and most ingenious course of plastic, found a sculptor.

That clown – he, of course, the king. Shines the silver dress, elegant curves of the body, elegant turn of the head. He is - perfection. It's great how gorgeous and squib – the Queen. And yet it quite a different character and different role: in this challenging role a lot of text. In her left hand she holds a large key to a secret door to happiness, or of their own hearts. And the palm of his right arm is bent in an enigmatic gesture - say, and inquiring at the same time. It clearly refers to the audience, while demonstrating the perfection of its form and elegance of movement. What she said – everyone hears himself. What can or wants to.

But the actress plays the night, pausing impressively, his eye in the stellar heavens. And demonstrates the skill of reincarnation, portraying Day – stopped, sat down for a short rest, caught her breath, turned her face mask from the scorching sun.

A favorite sculptor-filmmaker genre of erotic play – a hymn of sensuality, life, love and joy. Fantasy artist weaves the characters in exquisite body composition, combining them into one harmonious whole. These scenes are intimate, filled with words and music, they are beautiful and clear to the viewer - but everyone hears the music differently.

This subtle distinction between the internal, human, earthly, and universal, cosmic, is incomprehensible that the main feature, which the artist must feel. This feature runs through the work of Arsen Avetissian, allowing them to balance on the verge of sustained public and private, sacred and profane.

The range of interests and creativity of the sculptor is wide, he willingly turns on any topic. It is democratic and understandable to the audience in a variety of manifestations of their plot experiments and plastic searches. The fee, established on a street in Zelenogorsk amuses amusing many viewers mask peeping out from under the tail, and in a nearby park – a small bronze mouse is hiding under the loaves of bread, reclining on a pedestal. And then, across the street – very different, very serious memorial to victims of the Russian-Finnish war. This is the last piece of the artist, who died prematurely.

The most lyrical, full of philosophical thing, playing the meanings and exquisite lines – sculpture «little sun in cold water». The sad theatrical mask framed by hand-branches, like a laurel wreath of ancient god. This product can be regarded as a symbol of generalizing all of his art, original logo and the wonder of theater, theater, sculpture, Arsen Avetissian.

Elena Tyunina

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