Carla Tolomeo

Charles Tolomeo is an Italian painter, sculptur and designer. Today her sophisticated and rich in quotations artworks can be counted amongst private and public collections across Europe and the United States, they decorate interiors of luxury hotels and world famous boutiques.

Carla Tolomeo started painting under the guidance of De Chirico, her teacher during her adolescent years and one who has left a lasting mark on her painting style. In 1971 she made her painting debut at the international exhibition D’Après in Lugano, followed by her first personal exhibition in Rome at the gallery Lo Spazio. Then there were exhibitions in Vienna, Luxembourg, Zurich, London, New York, etc.

1997 marked a distinct cut-off point: after her exhibition in London at the prestigious Leicester’s Galleries, which was met with great success, Carla Tolomeo decided to pit her artistic strength against new and different artistic environments. It was the year in which she gave her first exhibition as a sculptor, held at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. This was when she started to conceive and construct her first Sculpture Chairs, which instantly propelled her into the centre of international interest.

Each her artwork is unique because people always wait and demand new ideas and forms. Carla put her artistic motto — “Never to rest on laurels” in the title of her first book (2004) in which she told about how she came to the idea of Sculpture Chairs.

Carla says that these objects return beauty and noble materials in the everyday life. They connect past and present do it more interesting and gives it something magical. They are a secret key which helps us to visit the Wonderland again and again.

The owners of Tolomeo’s works are the Museum “Hermes” (Paris), a Museum of Decorative Arts (Berlin), the Museum of Modern Art (Zagreb), “Christie” and “Sotheby” auction houses, Hotel “Meurice” (Paris), The Royal Families of Jordan and Monaco, the Berlusconi Family and
such world famous persons as Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone, Naomi Campbell, etc.

In 2012 at the exhibition “Furniture 2012” in Moscow Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina and the “Leathertouch” company sent in the furniture made as per the Carla Tolomeo’s designs. The “Summer garden” project combined cheerful energy of rave of color and clear lines referring to the Summer garden in St. Patersburg which Carla Tolomeo was fascinated by.

Apart from furniture the fabric designs developed by Carla Tolomeo specially for the “Leathertouch” company were presented at the exhibition.

In March of 2017 the Sheremetevsky palace – the Museum of music solemnly opened an exhibition of Carla Tolomeo. "The garden of pleasures of Carla Tolomeo" is a large-scale exposition with more than fifty items of collectable furniture, paintings and graphics. Thanks to cooperation with art gallery "Contini Galleria D'Arte" (Venice, Italy), the gallery of the modern art of "Tatiana Nikitina’s Art Holding" had acquainted the people of Saint Petersburg with the remarkable artist, who aimed to fill the everyday life with joy of being and to turn it into a fantastic garden.