Miki Karni

Miki Karni was born in Haifa, Israel. His styles are realistic, photo realistic and surrealistic. Is an autodidact, his works display abundant optimism and color. «When I see music I hear colors. When I listen to music, I imagine forms and colors. When I paint, my heart fills with music» says Miki.

For many years, Miki designed and painted for The Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation. He has shown in dozens of solo and Group exhibitions in Israel and worldwide. Miki’s works have been purchased by fine art Galleries institutions, hi-Tech companies, museums, and companies such as: General Electric – U.S, Boeing – U.S, U.S Air Force, GM, Zim, Iscar, Elbit, Israeli Air Force, Israeli Presidential Mansion, U.S. ambassador’s house, the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, and Tefen Museum.

Karni’s paintings have been given as gifts by the Israeli Prime Minister to several heads of foreign States.