Nikolay Kononov

Born in 1961 in Leningrad (USSR). Graduated from V. Serov Leningrad art school.

The participant of group and personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Works are stored in numerous private collections.

Group exhibitions:

Personal exhibitions

Favourite genres of Nikolay Kononov are a landscape and a still life. The artist watches motionless objects or the nature staying in static harmony – serene rest of the stopped moment as opposed to rebellious elements of life, imparts solidity and a peculiar stability to his works. The recognizable manner of performance, a prevalence of the flat decorative images, creates the special world: detached and aesthetic. Works by Kononov cannot tire the viewer, they are decorative and very expressive in the same time. These pictures are similar to silent interlocutors who are ready to listen to problems and to share your worries, inspiring the confidence that one day "all will pass"...