Nikolay Reznichenko

Николай Резниченко

Born in 1958 in Ershov settlement (Saratov region). After finishing school in Krasnodar moved in the Kerch. After military service in Kiev he further studies in the architectural college of Krasnodar.

Since 1982 lives in Kostomukshka (Karelia). There in 1986 his first big art show took place. Great influence on his painting put practice of icons restoration. Since 1989 he lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.


In 1996 he made a series of paintings for decoration of a CD album of classical music "Mazur Media", Germany.

Personal exhibitions:

Images of women, angels, musicians are the favorite subjects of the artist. Multilayered technique of painting reminds of an iconography which the artist was interested for many years. Nikolay Reznichenko managed to find own recognizable brushwork language: the angular, fragile, defenseless and touching characters on his cloths are impossible to confuse with anybody else.