Alexander Pesterev

Александр Пестерев

Was born in 1958 in Gryazovtsy in Vologda region. Studied in an art school (1985–1989). From 1988 a member of the Artists Union of Russia. Participant of Russian and foreign exhibitions. Lives and works in Totma in Vologda region.

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Pesterev seeks to impart through the canvases certain initial knowledge about the essence in the river of time, about its life in the row of generations. One can find in Pesterev's brush some analogy to philosophy of Giorgio Morandi’s works (for example, "Vessels", "Bowls", "A still life with a teapot" and others). However his imaginative range of subjects is wider and solves wider variety of creative tasks. His still life is not the "quiet life" of things, but always a hint on something bigger, chance to discover the energy of things, or, perhaps, the idea which is written down in space. Real objects shaped at canvases are not obvious, it’s a kind of reflection of the centuries-old memory, projected into nowadays where the actual outline of things dissolves in symbols, signs, roots, of genetic memory.