Tatyana Parfenova

Tatiana Parfionova was born in 1956 in Poltava. In 1964 she moved to St. Petersburg, where he lives today. In 1977 graduated from the School of Painting. V. Serov, and in 1990 – the Moscow Institute of Technology.

In February 1995 Tatiana Parfionova opened her own fashion house.

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Tatyana Parfyonova purposefully is engaged in painting for many years. She has easily recognizable creative style, and she remaining connected with the best achievements of art of the 20th century.

After 20 years of triumphal work in the world of fashion when the main principle was – to create and create art, – art from fashionable collections of Tatyana Parfyonova surely and irreversibly turned into painting.

Tatyana Parfyonova has a great eye for color and skill to combine textures. The taste, fine by nature and refined for years of haute couture and absolute internal harmony allow to express the grace and the depth, allow to give an extraordinary touching and emotionality to the painting, and in combination with professionalism do it fashionable and modern. Not each artist manages to convince the viewer that the harmony and beauty are not on a surface of a cloth at which we look, and but extends into ourselves when we suddenly found a gift of sincerity and harmony from the artist.