Vasily Kafanov

Vasily Kafanov was born in Moscow in 1952 in a family of writers. In 1978 he got artist and designer education, having graduated from art faculty of the Moscow institute of technology. After termination of the High director’s courses worked in cinema and animation and created some animated films on the «Soyuzmultfilm» studio. Seriously being engaged in illustrating work was a member of the Moscow Union of artists. In 1990 moved to the USA where his artistic style was accomplished and formed.

Kafanov works with painting and graphics, creates sculptures and installations.

Constant participant of the Artexpo exhibitions (New York, USA). Lives and works in New York.



Vasily Kafanov often is often called a well-known American artist, and in many respects it is the truth. His talent had been realized completely after his departure to the USA. The symbolical world of his works is occupied by a great number of characters — acrobats, musicians, harlequins, — motley imaginary people. The central image in his creative works is a tower fish, a symbol of the Universe and the riddles of its existence. Tower fish float among the real cities and imagined places in a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere.

Full of the hidden signs, Kafanov’s works involuntarily remind of ancient manuscripts, books and alchemical devices. The artist speaks about his own creative work: «I try to recreate and transfer this feeling of naivety and purity which arises when we look at ancient scrolls, first engravings or illustrated manuscripts».