Statistics of international «United art rating»

Rating categories generally characterize artistic and public importance of artists’ works and approximately define a place of each artist in the history of art.

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5
Hans Bellmer Salvador Dali   Ben Avram Yosel Bergner Leonor Fini Menashe Kadishman Valery Lukka Anatoly Zaslavsky Aron Zinshtein Albert Avetissian Victor Anufriev Arsen Avetissian Nathan Brutsky Robert HovakimyanMstislav Pavlov Alexander Pesterev Nikolay Reznichenko Mikhael Rozenvain Yury Tremler

1 — an artist of world fame, tested with time (for no less than a century)

1A — a world famous artist

1B — a high-class professional artist with remarkable organizational skills, who is popular and in demand

2A — a high-class professional artist with a bright creative individuality

2B — a high-class professional artist, recognized and in demand with the art-market and public

3A — a professional artist with a recognizable individual style

3B — a professional artist, recognized and asked for in the art market and by the public

4A — an established professional artist with creative potential

4B — an established professional artist, who is in demand in the art market

5A — a formed professional artist with creative potential

5B — a formed professional artist

6A — a forming professional artist with creative potential

6B — a forming professional artist

7 — an amateur artist with perspective evaluation of specialists

8 — an amateur artist

9 — an artist-beginner

10 — an artist-apprentice